Working style

In nature

For me, the natural reproduction of wildlife and landscape images is an essential part of my work. It is important to me to leave as few traces as possible in nature, so I work very carefully. In my opinion, it is not worth taking a photo that harms or even endangers a wild animal. The same applies to the flora, we should be very careful, we are only guests. Such pictures would have no value for me either. Personally, I find the whole process of nature photography extremely exciting, including the technical part, which is perhaps due to my IT background. When I talk about the whole process, I mean, for example, researching an image idea, planning the photo tour, location scouting, implementing the image ideas, selecting and editing the images in Lightroom and Photoshop and then printing them on fine art paper.

Image editing

As a nature photographer, the focus in the post-processing of my images is on emphasizing the photographed mood, light and colors without compromising the authenticity of the images. I use Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop software for my image editing workflow.

The below “before and after pictures” give you an idea of my image processing style. The original images are often very flat, I shoot exclusively in RAW format to have the greatest possible flexibility for post-processing.


To me, hanging your own fine art print on the wall is the highlight of your own photographic work. No matter how much we like to share our images on social media, having your own image printed in large format on high quality fine art paper and beautifully framed is something very special. In my opinion, there is no better way to finish and present your own work. My preferred material for printing is Hahnemühle fine art paper. The printing process involves the use of calibrated monitors and tailored print profiles to faithfully reproduce your work.

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